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School Uniform Girls Order form for Riff Raff, Main Street, Cockermouth

School Uniform Boys Order form for Riff Raff, Main Street, Cockermouth


For students in Years 7 , 8 and 9 uniform consists of the following items, each of which should be clearly marked with the owner’s name:

Plain long or short-sleeved, mid-blue cotton blouse or shirt. This should be worn tucked in at all times with the top button fastened.
A tie in navy blue with red diagonal stripes.
Plain navy blue knitted jumper with the school logo.

For students in Years 10 and 11, uniform consists of the following items, each of which should be clearly marked with the owner’s name:

Mid-blue polo shirt with school logo, to be worn without any visible t-shirt underneath.
Optional black or navy blue cardigan or jumper of a plain style. Cardigan should be no longer than hip length and no shorter than waist length.

For All Boys:

Plain, dark grey or black trousers made of terylene or wool mixture (no cords or denim).
Plain dark socks.
Belts should be black only.

For All Girls:

Black skirt in a plain style, of a length no more than 5cm (2″) above or below the knee, made of terylene or wool mixture. Short skirts must not be worn. Black, plain-weave, loose fitting trousers may be worn. Neither item should be tight fitting, lycra-type stretch fabric. Boots are not part of school uniform, and trousers should never be tucked inside boots in school.
Black socks (in cold weather girls may wear black tights).
Belts should be black only, and any hair accessories should be dark in colour (black or blue) and simple in design. No artificial flowers should be worn.

For All Students:

Sensible shoes of a dark colour with no visible logos. Secondary schooling involves much walking, stair climbing and time spent in laboratories and workshops. Shoes with high heels are unsuitable for school. Students require well-made, strong, comfortable shoes in a plain style – canvas shoes are not appropriate. Trainers should be brought for PE lessons only.
An anorak or coat in colder weather to maintain the overall smart and co-ordinated appearance of students on journeys to and from school, and on school outings. Outdoor coats and jackets must not be worn inside the building at any time.
No jewellery should be worn, except for a watch and one pair of ear studs if desired. For Years 7 to 13, no facial piercings of any kind (eg. eyebrow, nose, mouth or tongue) are allowed.

Hair should be kept to a simple style with no artificial colours. No tramlines or similar designs to be cut into hair. Parents are advised to consult school before students choose to have fashion styles.

Make-up is not permitted until Year 10 when girls may wear it in a light and unobtrusive way.

PE Kit:


plain white polo shirt with school logo
red rugby shirt
plain navy skort (cross between a skirt and shorts) or navy pleated wrap-over skirt, navy shorts with school logo for gymnastics, navy athletic briefs (knicker style to wear under PE skirt, or navy shorts can be worn under skirt if preferred)
white sports socks
navy/red hooped socks
football boots (only if girls wish to join Girls’ Football teams)
training shoes (non-marking soles) *


plain white polo shirt with school logo
red rugby shirt
navy shorts with school logo
navy/red hooped socks
football boots
training shoes (non-marking soles) *
* Students will be expected to have clean soled training shoes for indoor work

Optional items of navy jogging bottoms and drill tops may be worn for outdoor PE in winter. Red, white or navy base layers are also an optional item – no other colours are acceptable.

Following advice from Cumbria County Council’s Health and Safety department, we recommend that students at Cockermouth School do not to use bladed boots for football and/or rugby, for their own safety.
Allerdale District Football will make the same recommendation to all students.
Students will not be stopped from using bladed boots for lessons or inter-school fixtures, but parents need to be aware that they will be going against Health and Safety recommendations if they purchase these for their children.
We recommend that shin pads and gum shields are used. Students who choose not to wear these will be going against Health and Safety recommendations.

Additional Items:

bib-fronted apron for practical subjects; calculator (may be purchased through Maths Department); large, waterproof school bag; pens, pencils, rubber, ruler, coloured pencils.
NB. Correcting fluid which bears the words ‘Keep out of the reach of children’ is discouraged.

Items of uniform, including PE kit, with the school logo are a specific design and the supplier for these items is Riff Raff, Main Street, Cockermouth. Identity (01229 823584) can supply polo shirts by mail order.

In response to requests from parents, an arrangement has been made with the ‘Save the Children’ shop in Lowther Went, Cockermouth, for second-hand items of uniform to be accepted and sold.

Parents need to be aware that students are responsible for their own possessions brought into school. We do not have insurance policies that cover the cost of replacing lost or stolen items. We recommend that valuable items such as mobile phones are not brought into school, and that all uniform and sports kit is labelled with the child’s name and Form. Lockers are available, and students should lock their equipment away when not in use. iPods and mobile phones that can be used for listening to music must not be used in school at any time, and will be confiscated if students are found using them.

Maintaining high expectations in respect of the wearing of school uniform is an important aspect of preserving Cockermouth School standards. It is the responsibility of the whole school community to ensure a high level of consistency.

Although there is no uniform for Sixth Form students, we do expect them to follow a dress code – details are attached.


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