w/c Monday 7 September 2015 – Week 1

The Big Draw

Big Draw s

More than 1600 people took part in the week long Big Draw event held recently at the Eco Centre, which included members of the community, primary pupils, and students and staff from Cockermouth School. The result was a unique impression of Cockermouth through time by using images of Cockermouth’s past as a background for the drawings which covered approximately 150 metres of paper.

After the Big Draw Week, some dedicated Art students from helped to create a unique paper sculpture, inspired by paper artist, Mia Pearlman. Over 100 metres of the drawn paper was carefully cut into organic shapes to represent movement and growth and carefully suspended to create an amazing installation that cascades around the walls of the entrance to the Eco Centre.

“The paper sculpture is an amazing piece of art work and looks wonderful in the entrance to the Eco Centre,” said Art Teacher and organiser of the Big Draw, Mrs Tinkler.  “It was wonderful to see people of all ages using their imagination to produce such original drawings and enjoying themselves so much.  ”

Derwent Pencils gave the school some products to use during the week and the Cockermouth Museum Group gave copies of photographs from the past from their archives.

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